*AGATA* Layla dress @Kustom9 [I<3F] - Stockings [07] [@anyBody]

New start in this blog. Despite the fact that I am still recovering from the surgery, I will try to post at least once per week till i get better. Here We Go. Hope you like it!

amara beauty - Brooke skin - Powder Pack MAR 2017 

+elua+ Nicole_Variety A pack  hair (new at Kustom9)

Absolut Vendetta -Hydra Bento Rings

*AGATA* Layla dress / black (new at Kustom9)

[I<3F]   Stockings [07] [@anyBody]♡ SPONSOR

POSES: +Kiss Me Poses+ ((Bento)) Athena ♡ SPONSOR

amara beauty - Powder Pack MAR 2017 - Brooke skin

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